Thursday, January 06, 2011

A difficult mission, a major milestone

I'm pleased to announce that today Blue Dragon has helped 6 children from central Vietnam escape from garment factories in Ho Chi Minh City.

I don't yet have all the details or even photos - some time late tomorrow I'll have all the info, once our staff are back in Hanoi and have had a debrief. So far all I know is that it was extremely difficult, with traffickers doing their best to interfere and hide kids from us.

With these 6 children set free, we've reached a new milestone: 100 children released from trafficking!


petrina said...

Congrats to the BDCF staff who facilitated the release of the six kids .... a great 2011 start for the kids, the staff and the foundation.

car donation said...

Wow! What a good news! I'm so glad that another children will have a better life. They deserve to be treated well and with their age they should be in school and playground.