Friday, January 07, 2011

6 and out

I have a few more details to add about yesterday's rescue trip in Ho Chi Minh City.

In total, 6 children were rescued - bringing Blue Dragon's total number of children rescued from trafficking to 100.

Blue Dragon's staff, Van, and a government official from Hue in central Vietnam have just completed a quick trip to find trafficked children in garment factories.

These children are from an area of the province that is new to us; we are just becoming known in this commune, so although dozens of children have been trafficked, the parents don't yet trust us enough to want us to bring their kids home. That should be changing now, though.

Of the 6 kids, there were 3 girls and 3 boys. All are aged 13 and 14.

All were working in terrible conditions, 100 hours per week, despite having been promised vocational training and better lives. The little guy in the photo at the top couldn't get out of the factory fast enough; as soon as he knew someone had come to get him, he was out the door. He was terrified that we would change our mind, and leave him there.

The pictures tell the story - click on them to see in a larger size.

The factory owner was pushing the photographer away while he took this photo - hence the poor quality.

Working conditions like this are illegal - and very common.

This ain't no vocational training...

The kids are currently on a train heading back to Hue. Once they are there, we'll meet them and arrange a 'welcome home' ceremony - and then start figuring out what help they and their families need for the long term.


Fiona said...

Fantastic. I am so impressed with your determination.Blessings to you all and the children.

Anonymous said...

Angels in disguise you are for certain. What terrible conditions for these youth to work under! Thank you for your perseverance and love and caring for them all - regards - Jean Wethmar - Au