Sunday, January 17, 2010

More from Tet Awards

As promised, a few more photos of Tet Awards at the Sofitel Plaza last Thursday.

These are also on the Blue Dragon Facebook page - along with many more. If you're on Facebook, sign up to see them.

What the photos don't reveal, though, are the incredible stories behind the kids in the photos. Among the images are children who live in shacks... teens who have spent time in prison... kids who were thrown out of home when their parents remarried, so that the 'new' family can have new children.

That's the magic of Tet Awards: it doesn't matter one bit where you've come from, you're still a special, precious human being.


Van said...

Can i repeat again what i said to you when i was in Hanoi Michael ? if there is any words than Amazing Tet Awards - then i would like to say it. You all doing a wonderful job..!


more pictures here: