Monday, January 18, 2010

A big ask

With Christmas scarcely behind us, I know this is a bad time to put out a call for funding. And now the world is focused on the terrible emergency in Haiti.

But I need to ask for help for 2 families here in Vietnam.

For each of these families, we're seeking a few hundred dollars - in one case, to repair a home, and in another, to build a new one. For each of these families, this help will make a world of difference.

Thien, who lives with his parents and 4 siblings in Hue province, is one of the trafficked children we rescued in December. Below are some shots taken of their house from the outside as well as the inside.

Thien needs a new house. This current building is way too small, and far too miserable a place for kids to be growing up in. We already have a few hundred dollars for this, but we need another $800 US to build them a whole new home. His parents earn about $40 per month between them; building a decent home is way out of their reach.

Sang is a Grade 8 girl in Bac Ninh province, north of Hanoi. She's pictured below in front of her house with her brothers; and the second shot is taken inside the home.

Blue Dragon is already supporting Sang to go to school; but her living conditions are just atrocious. Sang's family needs to repair her home to keep out the winter, and for that they need about $380 US.

I know there couldn't be a worse time for me to be asking for help like this. But I've got to ask. Two kids and their families need some help.

If you can help out, drop me a line on


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