Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big Night

Thursday night was a major event at Blue Dragon: Tet Awards 2010!

This was our 5th annual Tet (lunar new year) celebration - and without a doubt the best so far.

We invited all of the kids we work with in Hanoi - just over 250 girls and boys - for a huge celebration at the Sofitel Plaza. The children, their parents, and various foreign ambassadors and other special guests took part in a 90 minute party. complete with hip hop dancing, tap dancing, singing, a fashion show, and a dance off between the kids and Blue Dragon staff. I sat on the floor crying with laughter for the first hour.

There was also a serious side to the night: 38 children were invited to the stage to receive award for 10 different categories of achievement or endeavour. But every single one of the kids went home with a bag of presents, and most with a certificate recognising their best qualities.

I must say thanks to the Sofitel Plaza for pulling out all stops to make it a fantastic night. They gave us the room, food, and hot drinks all for free... they even through in an ice sculpture of a dragon!

Just a few pics below, and I will post more in coming days. I'm still gathering together the photos of the even, so just a teaser for now!