Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blue Dragon United

Blue Dragon United was launched this morning!

Our new team braved the winter drizzle to don the new uniform and kick off the first ever game of BDU.

A quick look back over the history of soccer at Blue Dragon...

We started in early 2003 with just 3 players! Our uniform was green then, and the team name was Real Betis Vietnam. After the game, we'd have lunch and an English class.

Late in 2004 we switched to a new uniform. By this time we were normally having 30-40 kids come and play each week, and we started running occasional workshops on issues such as HIV/AIDS after the games.

And here we are in 2010! At least 60 kids come every week, and as of today we are known as Blue Dragon United.

As you can see, half the shirts are orange with a little blue; the other half are blue with a little orange. This is because we play against each other in the Sunday games.

This morning was great - the rain cleared to give us perfect playing conditions. A terrific start to the new team!



Mosher said...

With everything that's going on in the world these days, and all the bad stuff on the news... it's always lovely to see a post from BD that makes me smile :)

Can't wait to give that lot a game again later this year. Roll on summer!

Kerstin Brittsjö said...

Good luck with your new team. I'm glad to see you are using orange colour, feels like I'm a part of it all =0)

chung said...

Can't wait to take some of the new team pictures myself