Monday, December 10, 2007

Cut, 4

(If you're checking in to this blog for the first time in a while, scroll down and see the first "Cut" entry).

The news is getting better for Ngoc.

There are no more tubes down his throat or nose; now just drainage tubes from his lungs and side. As painful as this must be, Ngoc is managing to smile and look as though everything is just fine!

The doctors have started talking about moving him out of the emergency ward, but he'll stay there for at least another 2 days so that he gets the best attention possible. They're doing a great job of caring for Ngoc... Although they still wish that less visitors would come see him.

Ngoc is hugely encouraged by the visitors and friends and warm wishes. This morning, some former volunteers (now in Canada) emailed a photo of themselves holding up a message to Ngoc; seeing this cheered him immensely. And the police have also dropped by to gather information about the attacker. Ngoc really needs to know that these people will be caught so that, in coming weeks, he can go home without looking over his shoulder.

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