Monday, December 03, 2007

Blame it on the Spice

This must be my longest period of non-blogging ever... What can I say? The Spice Girl have returned and my mind has been on other things.
To compensate - some pictures fro the Hoi An Children's Home! The floods have completely gone, and our staff and vols are still replacing damaged equipment but life is getting back to normal now.
Here's a picture of the Home from the front yard. During the flood, the water was lapping at the second floor.
One of the residents at the bicycle shed, which was totally suberged. Debris is still evident on the under-side of the roof.

This is the dining room...

And the study / recreation / meeting room. The two women at the front are Nicole, who runs the Home, and Nitsan, a volunteer who recently left Hoi An.

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