Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cut, 3

THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending messages of support to Ngoc. He truly appreciates them - despite everything, your words of comfort are making him smile!

Last night Ngoc's temperature started to rise, which is almost certainly a sign of an infection. But whatever the cause, Ngoc is still gradually improving. He's fully conscious but when the pain becomes too severe he's given some sedatives to help him through. At the moment, the main source of his pain is the work that was done on his lungs and kidney. He's going to be feeling rather sore for a long time to come.

On the legal front, we believe the police are still searching for the attackers. It still seems that the young men were probably being paid to kill someone because they had been asking around for someone with a similar name. They obviously had no idea who Ngoc was.

For some of us at Blue Dragon, the fact that Ngoc was attacked by a hired hand just makes this even worse. The idea that someone would be prepared to cause such savage harm to an innocent person just for some money is disgusting. Whoever did this - and whoever was paying for it - needs to be caught soon.