Monday, May 19, 2014


Over the weekend, Blue Dragon's rescue team went in search of children trafficked from the central province of Hue to the garment factories of Ho Chi Minh City.

We're looking for more than 20 kids in total, and so far have found 4. We'll get them home today, and continue the investigation to find the others in coming weeks.

Of the 4 children, 2 were girls and 2 were boys. All aged 13. All trafficked on the false promise of training and education. All sold to home-based businesses which produce clothes and garments.

Last night, the team sent through a brief report about the kids and their conditions. Among the info was this statement:

Hard to explain what the kids are going through. When we were in the car, we asked one of the kids: 'What do you think about being here in Ho Chi Minh City?' The boy replied instantly: 'Terrified.' It sounds like he has endured that kind of feeling since he arrived here. 

That boy, and 3 other children from rural Vietnam, are heading home today. They have a 600km journey ahead of them, a beautiful reunion with family when they get there. But more children are out there somewhere, hoping that somebody will be along to find them and take them home too.

And a postscript: 

This month Blue Dragon launched an appeal for funds; we desperately need to raise money to expand this rescue work and find more kids like these 4. If you believe that this kind of work is important, please donate so that more kids can escape the terror of trafficking. Every dollar helps.

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