Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's possible

This has been a great month at Blue Dragon.

We've rescued 4 children from sweatshops - 2 girls and 2 boys, all 13 years old.

We've assisted 2 girls aged 16 who had been trafficked from Vietnam to China, held against their will for 10 days, and were to be sold to a brothel. They escaped by jumping out of a 3rd story window.

We've reunited 5 homeless teens with their families. These are all boys who had run away from home for a variety of reasons, and were sleeping rough in Hanoi.

And the month isn't yet over: we're still looking for more kids who have been trafficked, and have met more homeless teens who are in need of help.

For the Blue Dragon team in Vietnam, it can often seem like we just deal with one problem after another... and the problems keep coming.

But there is such tremendous hope that things can get better, lives can change. There will always be somebody else in need of help, but we will never be powerless to help them.

As long as we can see that change is possible, we'll keep on working. 

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