Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, it's kind of like this...

Apologies for the silence these last few weeks! Anyone who knows me well will know that my lack of blogging can only mean one thing: too much is going on!

Over the last couple of months, we've had some very complicated happenings that read like a season of Prison Break - so it's been easier to say nothing than try to explain.

Here's the sanitised summary: back in October, our shelter was robbed by a masked intruder at night. Whoever was involved was tightlipped about it - for about 6 weeks there was not a murmur on the streets about who had done this, although we had our suspicions.

One of the very few people who knew what had happened finally opened up after a near fatal accident - but in telling us was risking his life and so had to disappear. His sudden compulsion to tell the truth came about when he saw how all his 'friends' abandoned him the moment he was in trouble, while Blue Dragon staff stood by his side and cared for him.

In short, he told us who the 3 burglars were, and how they had planned and carried out their crime.

So we knew who had robbed us, but had only the testimony of someone who was both implicated and on the run.

We passed information on to the police, including the names of the 3 young men who were involved, but nothing happened. And then - still nothing. And then - some more weeks of nothing.

Finally, the ring leader (I'll call him "C") was caught for a separate offense. He was riding a stolen motorbike, racing without a helmet, and carrying weapons. He confessed to robbing us.

And then he was released.

Some more weeks of 'nothing' ensued. During this time, it was quite difficult for me and my staff to see these guys every other day - to pass them on the street and see them wave at us! - but not be able to do anything.

Last week, the other 2 young men were detained, again on separate charges: apart from robbing Blue Dragon, they were leading a crime spree which seems to have involved stealing at least 30 motorbikes. They're now in serious trouble and, apart from one of the guy's mothers ringing us to ask if we'll help to get them released (you really think we'd do that!?) it looks like we won't have to worry about them any more.

The ringleader, C, however, continues to enjoy his freedom. He spends his days at an internet cafe near where our football team plays, and his nights stealing motorbikes. But we continue to hope that someone will eventually catch him.

To top it all off, someone made a half hearted attempt at robbing my house recently, and got away with a rag and a broken carry bag. They then rang me to claim that they were dead, and blame me for that. (Eh?)

Oh well, this is the silly season, I suppose.

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