Thursday, December 02, 2010

Balloons and baked bread

The kids at Blue Dragon's Hanoi centre have had a real treat for the last couple of weeks.

Some amazing Singaporean volunteers have been visiting and teaching basic cooking skills. They even donated an oven, so the kids have been baking away every afternoon and creating all kinds of sweet dishes to share - brownies, bread, and a great assortment of cakes.

While the food bakes, the kids are learning to make balloon shapes. It's just too much fun!

Special thanks to the great people at Wow! who have organised all this.

Pics below...


balloons said...

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krizza said...

My first time to hear about the street kids foundation in Vietnam. What a noble act for the volunteers to be a part of this great activity!
Wish I could be a part, someday.
More Power!