Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Blue Dragon kids are enjoying the summer holidays; it's sweltering hot, in between massive rainstorms, and our centre near the Red River is packed all day. (We are so glad that we'll have a much bigger space for next year!)

As part of our summer plan, we've taken 2 groups of kids out of the city for an overnight stay at Halong Bay. We've been incredibly fortunate to have the support of the Ha Long Pearl hotel, which not only sponsored the trips but also treated our kids like kings and queens! Buffalo Tours, meanwhile, provided the buses - so we were well taken care of.

Our first trip was for both kids with disabilities and their family members: a huge undertaking to organise more than 80 people for a trip out of the city! But everyone had a great time; both the activities inside the hotel, and the games at the beach, were a welcome treat for everyone.


Our second trip was focused on the kids at Blue Dragon who have done particularly well at school this past year - whether through effort or achievement. Even some older kids, who have left school but are in jobs or training, went along as a reward for their great work.

Both events finished with the hotel manager, Eddie, and his team delivering gifts to the kids.

So much of Blue Dragon's work is serious and urgent - it was nice to have a change of pace and give the kids a trip they'll surely remember forever.

(And special thanks to photographer Michael Fountoulakis for coming along on both trips!)    

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