Friday, June 10, 2011

A word of thanks

In recent months, Blue Dragon has been coming across many runaway children who've come to Hanoi from rural areas.

These are often very small children, aged up to 14 but tiny and looking frightfully vulnerable on the streets of the city.

Increasingly, we're finding that parents of runaway children are coming to Hanoi to look for their children, and the police are advising them to come and see us. This is something of an honour, and of course something we're more than happy to help with.

One such family from Hung Yen province approached us last month, desperate to find their son. They were plastering the city with "Lost" posters, having no other ideas of what they might do.

Thirteen year old Tri had run away after a small problem at school, and one small problem grew into a bigger problem... Eventually Tri was much too frightened to go home, but we were able to reconnect the child with his parents, and after a tearful reunion Tri went home and back to school.

Another happy ending!

Shortly after, Tri's father, Mr Han, sent us this letter - with the rough translation below. (I've removed identifying info, such as the full name and address). I thought this was worth posting...

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Independence - Freedom - Happiness
Dear: Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation
Date: April 10, 2011
My name is: Han (35 years old)
Address: Hung Yen province

I would like to send my sincerest thanks to all staff at Blue Dragon because you helped me find my son, Tri. During the time my son away from home, he was cared for, and helped a lot by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. And Blue Dragon also provided me all of his information, then helped us find our son.

Once again, on behalf of my family, I sincerely thank everyone in Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.


Mr Han

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