Thursday, June 02, 2011


When Blue Dragon started back in early 2003, we were focused on helping street kids get off the streets and back into school or vocational training. Some were old enough to get jobs, and their most popular choice was in hospitality, where jobs are relatively easy to come by.

Over the years, the horizons of the kids coming to us have broadened. We're supporting one teenage girl to study Civil Engineering at university; we have teens studying Business Management, motorbike mechanics, and languages.

And, of course, we still have kids interested in hospitality and vocational training.

Our challenge is to help the kids with their career choices. It's rarely easy for young people to decide what they want to do with their lives; even moreso for kids who believe they don't have any chance at success anyway.

To deal with this, the Blue Dragon psychologist has been organising career orientation programs, involving field trips to places of business, and arranging weekend workshops at the Blue Dragon centre in Hanoi. Last weekend about 30 kids turned up to learn about a range of job options, including:

- cooking, with a presentation by a former street kid who now works as a chef at Don's Bistro

- mechanics, with trainees and staff of VIP Bikes sharing their experience

- hairdressing

- sales and marketing

- web design

... and a presentation about becoming a Social Worker, by one of our own.

Altogether, a very successful day!


iggy said...

what's the age group of those kids?

Vietnamitas en Madrid said...

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richard said...

i love vietnam though am an african.

richard said...

i love vietnam

Michael Brosowski said...

@iggy, the kids are mostly 15-17, with a couple of 14 year olds in there as well. I know they don't look it...

Healthcare Social Network said...

I am a huge fan already, man. You have done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where you are coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Great stuff and I cant wait to read more of your blogs.