Thursday, October 28, 2010

That time already?

Blue Dragon has launched its annual Christmas campaign!

This year we're trying something new. I haven't seen other charities doing anything like this, so we thought we'd take a different approach.

On our website, there are 13 photos to choose from. You can receive any of the photos by giving a donation to our Christmas campaign. Some photos are taken by the kids, and some by professional photographers who have donated their images to us.

And here's the deal: You get to choose how much you will donate for each of the photos. There are set amounts to choose from, corresponding to specific needs of our kids.

For example: a $10 donation will buy a set of text books for a school kid.

$25 will buy a huge bag of gifts for a child at Lunar New year.

$100 will provide medical care for a very sick child.

... and so on.

There are more details on the web site, of course - click here to see. Donations of under $50 will get you a 12cm x 15cm photo, slotted into a blank card - so it can be used as a Christmas card for friends and family. A donation of over $50 will get you a 20cm x 30cm print, which can be framed and hung.

We've kicked off the campaign early so we have plenty of time for postage. The website does have all the details, but email James - - with any questions.

Special thanks to the photographers who have let us use their images!

Particularly as this is something so new, we're happy to hear some feedback from you on what you think of the concept...

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