Saturday, October 30, 2010

The price of gold

Spot the difference:

The Super Rich Are Buying Gold


Runaway prompts police probe into gold mine slavery

Yes, "gold mine slavery". I've written about this once before, just over a year ago - the link is here - and it's clearly still a common and widespread practice here in Vietnam.

That article is worth reading. The photo below, taken from Thanh Nien News, is of a 15 year old boy who fled a brutal gold mine and spent a month lost in the mountains.

In another news item, billionaire George Soros suggests that the surge in gold prices won't last because gold "is costly to dig up."

Not in Vietnam, Mr Soros.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Michael. Another sad story on human trafficking. I wondered if you had read the Than Nien article. Equally disturbing is the article on Vietnamese victims of human trafficking being cheated out of their internal organs in China! Keep up the good work that Blue Dragon does in this field. Philip