Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And now another rescue

Much of the anti-trafficking work that Blue Dragon does is to help children who have been trafficked within Vietnam - from rural to urban areas. But once, a few years ago, we rescued 6 girls who had been kidnapped and taken to China, where they were sold to a brothel.

Two of our staff crossed in to China, found the brothel, and helped the 6 girls get away. All of those involved in the kidnapping were arrested and imprisoned.

That was some time ago, and since then we've concentrated on domestic trafficking. A sudden turn of events has meant that we're now looking back over the Chinese border.

Yesterday morning, the Blue Dragon lawyer was contacted by some Vietnamese police. They know of 3 girls who have been kidnapped and were being held in China against their will; however they seem to have escaped and have been able to call for help.

As to be expected, though, information is scarce - the details aren't completely clear. So the police have asked if Blue Dragon can help out, by accompanying them across the border in search of the 3 missing girls.

For our organisation, this is an incredible honour. It means that we can apply what we've learnt to an extremely important case, and we have the opportunity to work side by side with Vietnam's anti trafficking police.

There's some urgency to this, as every day delayed is a day of danger for the 3 girls. Our staff are getting ready and will leave soon - some time within this week. We're not yet sure what we will find, or how this will turn out. Above everything else, we are hoping to bring 3 teenage girls home to their families.


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Terynn said...

Prayers for the safe return of these precious girls. How my heart hurts to hear of this...