Monday, November 16, 2009

Photos - trafficked kids

As promised, a few more photos of the children we've just taken out of factories to reunite with their families...

This young girl was forced to work on the
floor, up to 17 hours per day cutting out cloth

Here's the whole group we rescued, standing with the
officials from their home towns and a Red Cross representative

First stop - clothes shopping! The kids needed
warm jackets for their return home

One of the smallest kids we rescued, standing with an
official from his village as they left the factory

The kids are all back home now, catching up on sleep and spending time with family and friends. No more long hours slaving away in factories!



K a t i e <3 said...

You are like a hero to them. If I could, I would help but I'm stuck in the us. Best luck to the kids you rescued!

Anonymous said...

You're not like heroes, you are heroes. All of us at STREETS International are touched deeply by the important work you do. Thank you from the entire STREETS team in HoiAn.