Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More shoes

I am in Hoi An today, here to visit the kids and staff of the Hoi An Children's Home. We're going through some changes in the management of the Home, so I am here to help with that and give some encouragement to the staff who are working very hard!

I'm also visiting an old friend - Nam, who I have written about in the past. Nam was the first street kid I ever met in Vietnam, and back in February I wrote here about how he and his wife have opened a shoe shop.

Since then, Nam again approached me to ask if Blue Dragon could lend him the money to open a second branch, closer to the river where far more tourists are likely to shop. He put together a convincing plan, so we organised a small loan and the new shoe shop is now up and running.

It's flood season again, so there aren't very many customers right at the moment, but the shop has already had some good months and Nam is confident about the future. He's working in the new shop, and his wife in the original shop; they've now hired some apprentices to help them.

Nam's initiative and hard work remind me, yet again, why it's so worthwhile helping out street kids in Vietnam.

The original Gold Dragon Shoe Shop is at 495 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An.

The new shop is at 80 Bach Dang Street.

The shop from the outside...

Nam standing proudly in front of his new shop


Newsoul said...

Hm....it's a good article. Sound great. If only people can help more street kids around them, the kids can smile to their future.

Haraka said...

Another positive story as a result of caring and compassionate action.
Well done.

helen said...

Yesterday I bought a pair of shoes at this shoe shop on the river at Hoi An. I was really impressed with the quality of the shoes. I'm sorry now thatI only bought one pair.Good work to the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.

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