Friday, October 02, 2009

Typhoon update

What a rotten week in the Pacific - earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. Let's hope there's nothing more to come.

I am in Hobart, Tasmania, so information is coming to me. I hugely appreciate those people and groups who have contacted me or my colleagues to offer support.

The news as I have it right now:

The floods in Hoi An are receding - as this was a flash flood, the disaster seems to have moved on pretty quickly. Kids at the Hoi An Children's Home have lost a lot of their personal gear, and furniture has been badly damaged, but I don't yet know the extent of loss.

Just to the north, in Hue, it seems that the typhoon has destroyed many homes. We're working in Hue with children who were trafficked; we need to make sure that this crisis does not lead families to sending their children back to the garment factories in the south. I am waiting to hear how many families need help to repair their homes; it's still too early for rebuilding to begin but this will need to commence in the coming week. Some pics below of the Hue families to help you see what's happening. Some of the houses have been completely demolished.

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