Monday, October 26, 2009

Typhoon relief continues

Over the weekend, Blue Dragon worked with the Vietnamese Red Cross to get emergency supplies of rice, noodles, and water filters to families in Hue.

Although the typhoon ended a month ago, flooding continues and families are unable to get back to work - so there's still extensive hunger, homelessness, and general misery.

Auscham in Ho Chi Minh City raised the funds to pay for all this - big thanks to them for their support.

A family outside their demolished home

Taken from a Red Cross vehicle, showing flooded village streets

The roof has been torn away from this home

Blue Dragon staff preparing to distribute boxes of noodles

Some supplies had to be transported by boat to flood affected areas

Families gathering to receive supplies

Traveling by boat...

Getting help into the hands of those who need it



Terynn said...

Bless you BD, still and again, for your practical help and assistance to these displaced and suffering people. Having experienced a flood that made my home uninhabitable for months, I remember the difficulty. May you be given all you need to do all you desire.

A Traveler in Vietnam said...

It's sad that typhoons come to the Central of Vietnam at least a few times every year. The people there really need help.