Thursday, July 30, 2009

Excellent results!

The little guy in the photo above is named Loi; he's about 12 years old and lives in a village in Hue. He has a moderate form of cerebral palsy, and because of this he had never been to school before Blue Dragon staff met him and provided him with the support and encouragement to go study.

He's just finished Grade 1, and he's the only person in his class to receive a certificate of excellence! This is great news for him, and also suggests that he's extremely bright: kids who start school so late rarely achieve outstanding results.

Some more great results today from our older teens who have been taking part in a cooking class organised by Mr Ha, the owner of Matchbox restaurant. He's been teaching about 6 of our kids through the summer; today, the group traveled over to his restaurant for a 'final exam', which was fairly serious but also a lot of fun.

Two girls, Phuong and Phuong Anh, received a prize for achieving the best overall results. I'll post some pics of the cooking exam tomorrow!



Terynn said...


Congratulations to Loi! It sounds to me like he has the ability to go farther than anyone previously thought!

Celebration time!

Amy C said...

This makes me happy!