Thursday, January 22, 2009

The match

Last weekend, Blue Dragon held a friendly match of soccer against trainees from KOTO, a hospitality training restaurant here in Hanoi.

Blue Dragon kids play soccer every Sunday morning, but a match or a tournament is always something extra special.

It was a great game (how could it not be?) and all the kids had a terrific time. Some pics below from the wonderful Amy...

Isn't this guy too little to be goalie?

Action! The Blue Dragon kids are wearing the blue shirts.
Nam, pictured in blue, was a shoeshine boy but is now
a chef at a fine restaurant.

Break time...

Some fruit to keep the bodies going...

The Blue Dragon staff really enjoyed the break!

... and the final score was 3-2 to Blue Dragon!



Mosher said...

I confess surprise as the big puffy jackets. Every time I've been in Vietnam it's been ridiculously hot and humid (or hot and raining...). I forget that you have a winter!

Anonymous said...

I lived in a Saigon suburb (Bien Hoa) and this what I did most of my days growing up before moving to the U.S with my mom as an Amerasian. Back then, a cup of ice tea cost 100 Dong and we played with a plastic soccer ball, which gets punctured like every 2 or 3 games. The soccer balls were like 200 Dongs so it was usually the rich kids who own the ball, and because it was his ball, he became captain and chose the members for each team. I don't miss the place but I do miss the memories, and for that, I'm grateful for these images. Take care.