Friday, November 07, 2008

When the river runs dry...

Hanoi is still recovering from last week's floods; there are still many homes under water and some Blue Dragon kids and staff are living without electricity or clean water. Dire predictions of more heavy rain keep coming... let's hope not! Some more pics here to give you the idea.

The Red River is very high, of course, and the families who live on boats along the river banks are really doing it tough. But in the centre of the river is an island, where many families live in tents and shacks. With the island now mostly submerged, all of these people have had to find other places to stay - and most have ended up staying on boats with friends.

A few families have moved in to Blue Dragon homes just until the waters subside; it's much too dangerous for families with young kids to be staying on the boats at the moment.

So for this weekend, the city is holding its breath in anticipation of more rain, and meanwhile we await the floods to abate and the river to return to normal...


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Alison said...

fingers crossed it all settles down soon and everyone is safe.

And here we are with level 5 water restrictions .... crazy world!