Monday, November 10, 2008

Tight fit

This is one of those very Hanoian moments when all you can do is laugh...

Check out the pictures here of a truck that really, really wanted to pass under the Long Bien bridge:

Long Bien bridge is a city icon - and something of an icon for Blue Dragon, too. Most of our kids are from the area around the bridge; we play football within sight of it; and many kids we meet live on or under the bridge.

Of course, if people keep doing this kind of thing, we might be looking for a new icon.



Mosher said...

Having spent so much time in Hanoi I'm astounded that something like that happened.

I'd have found it less surprising if two teams of men at either end had jacked the bridge up just enough to let the lorry pass under then dropped it gently down afterwards...

Anonymous said...

oh gosh that's so scary! some idiots should NOT be allowed on the road, much less driving a huge container truck like that!
and what's even scarier, is that those trains were still running on top!!! oh god, i need to sit down.