Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wet wet wet

An urgent post today...

The Hoi An Children's Home is drowning!

The biggest floods in living memory have swamped the whole town. The Home is a two storey building, and the flood waters are lapping at the base of the SECOND STOREY!

No photos are available right now... there's no electricity, and both our staff and the 30 kids are trapped on the second floor, hoping that the waters don't rise any more.

Although most equipment has been moved upstairs, a lot of furniture and personal belongings have been destroyed. The girls have been worst affected, as their rooms are on the ground floor.

People in Hoi An are used to regular flooding, but nobody was expecting anything on this scale.

I will post some updates in coming days, but I am hoping that some generous people out there in the land of Blog might be able to help. We need at least $3500 US to replace everything that has been destroyed... and we need it urgently!

If anyone can help, even with just a few dollars, please contact me at: bluedragon@bdcf.org. I'll get back to you asap...



uc kieu said...

Wet Wet Indeed !
Blue Dragon restaurant on Bach Dang St Hoi An was under water for about 2 weeks while I was there during the floods and to get out of my hotel you had to go by boat.
Attended a funeral during the flood,my good Hoi An friends Hieu and family lost their grandmother but that did not deter them from taking her to "another place" through waist deep water.Special people the Viet.

uc kieu said...

Wet Wet Indeed !
I was in Hoi An during the floods and as usual was amazed by the resilience and fortitude of the local Hoi An residents and their families/relatives in Vinh Dien and Nam Phuoc.Mr Nam and family in Blue Dragon restaurant on Bach Dang st were well and truly under water for about 2 weeks. I also attended a funeral for my good friend Hieu's grandmother during the flood but the flood water did not deter the Viet from attending