Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The flood waters have washed away... The Hoi An Children's Home is muddy and wet, but no longer under 10 feet of water!

About 8 people have so far offered support, so we have around $500 already. Tonight, a Blue Dragon social worker, Lan, and two of our teenage kids, are heading south on the train to help out.

Lots of the cleaning may be done by the time they arrive tomorrow, but there'll still be plenty to do - and also lots to buy. It looks like the beds (double bunk timber) may be OK, despite being submerged for a day. But the cupboards, desks, and dining tables are mostly destroyed... and I am guessing the bicycles are, too.

Our trio will return by the end of the weekend, but hopefully they can relieve the burden on the Hoi An staff.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has expressed concern or sent their contribution. We still need plenty more help, so email me at of you can get involved.

... And still no pictures!!

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