Thursday, February 02, 2006

In the News

A quick note today. Hanoi is slowly coming back to life and Blue Dragon is still (sorta kinda) closed. Some quiet days...

The Vietnam News Agency has run an article on the hair styles our kids were getting as Tet presents. It's mostly accurate (which is the most you can hope for sometimes) and worth a read:

- BIG THANKS to the people who have responded to our request for help to buy equipment! We still need funds to buy study desks and gear for the children's center, so contact me if you can help.

- We had a small victory in the fight against the gangs of thieves who have been robbing our kids. We tracked one of the thieves down to his family home, and (with some careful negoatiation) eventually received a note of apology and a refund of the money the guy stole from one of our children.

- The kids are coming back from holidays now... Football starts up again on Sunday and the office is officially open on Monday.

Life's good!

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