Sunday, January 29, 2006

Help needed!

This is the first time I have used our blog to make an appeal for help - but it might not be the last!

Within the next two weeks, Blue Dragon will be opening a new building here in Hanoi so that we can expand our work with street kids. At the moment, our office is also the center for the kids - and with only one classroom there just isn't enough space. We've reached the limits!

World Vision is helping us to rent the new building (THANK YOU!) but we need some help to equip it.

I don't like using people's donations to buy equipment - unless it's given to us for that specific purpose. People normally give to us on the grounds that the money will help the children, so that's what we use it for.

Now I need to ask for people who'd like to help us set up the new center.

We need everything from mops and door mats to sofas and computers. We do have a complete list with estimated costs, and the total comes to about $3000 USD. That would give us all the classroom equipment, drop-in center facilities, renovations and office gear that we need to help the 100 plus street children who will be coming to us regularly after the Lunar New Year break.

The photo to the left is at our current building... the kids have to play on the floor for lack of space.

If you can help - contact me!

I'll gladly send the list of needs out to anyone who can pitch in.

Thanks, everybody!

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avalon said...


Send me that list.

Also, when is the centre opening? My company would love to volunteer in conducting art workshops.