Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The life of Phi Quang Huy

Today's news from Blue Dragon is very sad: Last night, Phi Quang Huy passed away at home, aged 25. 

Huy and his family have been a part of Blue Dragon since 2009. Both Huy and his brother Kien were born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic condition that left them both permanently wheelchair bound after its onset around the age of 10. 

Huy's mother and older sister have devoted their lives to caring for Huy and his brother every moment of every day: but sadly, Huy's passing has been only a matter of time. The typical life expectancy of anyone with DMD is just 25 years. 

Despite his severe disability, Huy made the most of life, in ways that inspired many. He studied English and wrote poetry as a hobby; in 2011 his reading of his poem, "Wonderful Mother," at the Blue Dragon Tet Awards left the packed room in tears. 

Knowing that he had received much help throughout his life, Huy decided that he wanted to help others. In recent years he established libraries for people with disabilities; sitting in his wheelchair, with a friend helping him access email and the internet, Huy organised the library to give opportunities to other house-bound teens. His efforts attracted the local media, and Huy became something of a celebrity in disability circles: 

Huy's passing means our world has lost a great young man who cared for others and inspired many. But it is his life that should be remembered, and the great lesson he has taught us: That no matter what obstacles we face in life, we can still care for those around us. 

I'll finish with Huy's poem - both in Vietnamese and in English. The words of this wonderful young guy deserve to live on forever. 

Người mẹ vĩ đại 

Có tôi trên đời nhờ công ơn của mẹ,

Tuổi thơ tôi trải muôn vàn giông tố,

Vẫn lênh đênh giữa biển đời xuôi ngược.

Cha mất đi khi tuổi còn thơ dại.

Đã kịp đâu hưởng thụ và cảm nhận,

Thế nào là tình cha khi chỉ còn lại mẹ.

Hỏi thế gian tìm đâu, công bằng hạnh phúc?

Cướp đi người cha, cướp luôn cả gia tài.

Nhọc nhằn công sức cha và mẹ,

Xây lên từ những giọt mồ hôi, và nước mắt,

Suốt tháng năm tuổi trẻ của hai người,

Phút chốc biến tan lại trở về bàn tay trắng.

Cha sinh thành, mẹ nuôi dưỡng đến bây giờ,

Nếm trải cuộc đời bằng tuổi đời ngắn ngủi.

Hai mươi năm đã bao lần mắc cạn,

Tôi sống trưởng thành một tay mẹ chèo lái,

Đã thành nhân cũng là bàn tay mẹ,

Dẫu tôi trên chuyến tàu còn chưa cập bến.

Luôn khắc ghi công ơn người lái tàu vĩ đại,

Người mẹ thân yêu mà con hằng kính phục.

Con xin dành tặng mẹ ngàn lời cảm tạ,

Đã dành cho con những gì đẹp nhất.

Tiếc nuối làm chi một cuộc đời như thế,
Mẹ kính yêu con yêu người hơn tất cả.

Wonderful mother

I was brought into the world by the will of my mother
My childhood experienced lots of ups and downs
And still ebbs and flows in the sea of life.

My father passed away when I was still small
I did not have any chance to experience and feel,
What is a father’s love, as only my mother remained.

I wonder where in the world is justice and happiness,
When my father, and all we owned were taken away
All the  effort my parents had built up
From their tears and sweat
During the many years of their life,
All of it has gone  in a minute and leave nothing as in the beginning

My parents gave me birth but only my mother raised me until now
I have been experiencing life only for a short time,
For 20 years I have faced many challenges
Becoming mature thanks to my mother

Everything I have become is because of my mother
Though I am still in the boat that hasn't reached the shore
I always appreciate the effort of my great captain
My dear mother who I admire
My appreciation thousands of times I show for my mother
Who has given me all the best
What an admirable life
My dear respected mother,
I love you more than anything.