Saturday, January 14, 2012

The most beautiful night of the year

Friday night was the annual Tet Awards celebration for Blue Dragon's kids in Hanoi. And what a night it was.

The Hilton Hanoi donated its ballroom for the event, and about 400 kids came to join in our once-a-year party.

Much of the day was spent setting up...

... and the stage was set by 6pm!

Then the kids started turning up, and everyone wanted their photo taken...

We kicked off with a speech by one of Blue Dragon's older guys, who now studies in New Zealand and was back in Hanoi for the new year:

Speeches over, it was time for some singing and dancing!

Everyone had a great time...

...and, just as importantly, each of the kids was recognised for their progress and achievements throughout the past year:

We finished up with a closing speech, and yes that's me in an ao dai:

Then came the food, which seemed to disappear very quickly!

A beautiful night, to celebrate the lives of 400 beautiful people.


max said...

Thanks for helping these kids have a happy life, but more importantly, hope for a brighter future.

Loan Le said...

They all look so happy! Congrats.

Amy Ha said...

what a fantastic night!!! the decoration looked fab. and so did you in the ao dai! :)
hugs to everyone. Happy Tet!