Monday, October 25, 2010

Eleven, and done

We're finished!

In complete contradiction to my blog this morning, we've had the smoothest and quickest rescue trip yet.

Six boys and 5 girls, aged 13 to 15. Lots of tears were shed - tears of relief.

Homeward bound we go!


Terynn said...

I am REJOICING with you that the 'mission' was such a success!!!! I feel so thankful and happy for you and the children ... and their families. What great news. Good work, Blue Dragon!!

Michael Brosowski said...

Hi Terynn, Thanks for your comments! Yes, we're thrilled that things have gone well and the kids are generally in good health. They're on a train now, so I'm about to head back to Hanoi. I really appreciate your remarks and thoughts! - Michael