Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I am in Hoi An at the moment, in central Vietnam, where Blue Dragon operates a home for 30 children.

Although I'm here to do some work at the Home, this trip coincided with the grand opening of another fantastic project based in Hoi An: a training restaurant for disadvantaged youth.

This restaurant, called Streets, has been open for a month or so already, but tonight was the 'official' event. It's a great restaurant - the food is top notch, the building itself is worth a visit, and the service is excellent. Best of all, the trainees who run the place (under supervision, of course) are the most wonderful people you can meet!

Check out their website here.

I'll write more in coming days about my other work here in Hoi An. But if you're traveling through, make sure you stop in for a meal here. A very worthy cause!


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Unknown said...

I've heard of Blue Dragon and really interested in its activities. At work now, We r "running" the toiletree" (toiletries) "campaign" for Christmas for Blue Dragon,its really a nice thing to do.If I go back to Hoi An I def visit this Restaurant.