Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drama in Hue

Blue Dragon's work with trafficked children in Hue has taken a dramatic new turn, but this time it's a turn for good.

We now work closely with about 50 families whose children were taken to Ho Chi Minh City but have returned to their villages by the beach. With the summer holidays starting - the very time the kids are most vulnerable to traffickers - we have created a drama and theatre program with a grant by the ArtAction foundation in Singapore.

First and foremost, the kids are learning to express themselves. Our hope is that through drama the children will be able to safely 'tell their story' to let their families and communities better understand their experiences. But so far the drama groups have been about fun, games, and even some dancing to get the children into the swing of things.

These villages have never seen anything like this before, so attracting an audience won't be a problem. Everyone is so excited and the kids are having a great time after just a few days.

Traffickers, you don't stand a chance any more!


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