Friday, December 07, 2007


This is one of those blogs that I dread having to post.

Last night, one of our kids was attacked on the street near his home. Eighteen year old Ngoc has been a part of Blue Dragon for several years: he plays guitar with us; he studies computers in our Learning Centre; he's just finished studying a course with our psychologist for young people involved in Social Work; and he's the chief editor of our monthly newsletter, which is totally produced by the children.

In short - he's one of these amazing kids who gets involved in everything except trouble.

But last night, trouble found Ngoc. As far as we can tell, he was ambushed in a case of mistaken identity by some thugs who were looking for revenge. Ngoc was stabbed repeatedly and slashed with a machete before the attackers fled.

Ngoc was found by neighbours who called the police; the local cops rushed him to hospital and a team of doctors worked through the night. Ngoc has lost a kidney and both his lungs are damaged, but he's hanging in there.

Today the entire Blue Dragon staff has become involved. Our psychologist Khanh is helping the family and other Blue Dragon kids to deal with their emotions; our lawyer Van is working with the police to catch the attackers (that's why we have a lawyer! Thank you, New Zealand Embassy); and our teachers and Social Workers have been visiting the hospital to sit by his bedside and comfort his parents and sister.

Ngoc is semi-conscious now. He can hear and understand everything that goes on around him; but he has a long road to travel.

So far everyone who knows Ngoc and has heard of this has instantly responded by asking "What can I do?" Sadly, there's nothing to do but wait and, if you pray, then pray. Keep him in your thoughts.

I'll update the blog over the weekend.


Alison said...

What awful news!!

Poor Ngoc, our thoughts are with him.

It is so good to know the Blue Dragon family is there to support him, looking forward to updates.

Best wishes.

Alison & family

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so terrible to hear. Sending my wishes for a quick and full recovery!