Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nghia goes to school

Tuesday was a big day at Blue Dragon: one of the boys we recently met as a shoeshine boy in Saigon returned to school.

I first wrote about Nghia here, and almost immediately a good friend (who I have never met, mind you) sent money from Canada to ensure we could give Nghia the support he needs. (Thanks, Nadja).

What Nghia really wants is to go back to high school; but he's missed out on too much and it's half way through the school year here in Vietnam. He still plans to go back to Grade 9, but will wait until the new school year in September.

Meantime, yesterday he started a part-time course in repairing mobile phones, and he's learning English and computers at our center in the morning. One of our staff, a young man named Minh, is helping him to revise his school work in preparation for September.

A pretty good, all-round result, I think!