Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another happy customer

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a little boy named Loc.

The story is here, but in short, Loc turned up at Blue Dragon one day with extensive wounds and multiple illnesses. We knew nothing of his past or of what had happened to him.

Over the last few days, Loc has reached a turning point. His health is back to normal, although he still needs to put on some weight of course. He's been very happy being with us, but it's finally dawned on him that he has a family and that he really does need to be with them.

On Monday, our lawyer, Van, accompanied Loc back to his countryside and witnessed the most emotional reunion he has ever been a part of.

Loc has been away from home for two years.

For two years, his family has searched far and wide, and had all but given up hope of seeing their eldest son ever again.

But now he's back. Tears flowed for hours. The family tried to thank Van by giving him some money; a month's worth of their household income. Van was deeply moved, as Loc's family is extremely poor, and a month's income for them is not enough to live comfortably on. But still they wanted him to have it. Van thanked them, but begged them to spend the money on food and school fees for Loc instead.

Van got back to Hanoi last night at about 8pm; another long day on the road. But wow, what a worthwhile day.