Friday, May 05, 2006

Waiting for dinner

Time is flying by on my visit to Australia - just 10 days more and I'll be back home in Hanoi.

My days have been packed with meetings... sometimes with friends, sometimes with groups and organisations that I hope will become my friends!

The main focus of this trip - the whole reason for me coming here - is a fundraising dinner on May 12, at Canley Heights in Sydney. The event is being organised not by any associations or foundations, but by a couple of Vietnamese Australians with huge hearts, who really want to support the work of Blue Dragon.

In the lead up to the dinner, we are going out to meet with members of the community, inviting their participation and support. In addition, I have been meeting groups such as Rotary to talk about Blue Dragon's work and needs.

While I don't particularly enjoy this side of my work - I would much rather be back in Vietnam at the Blue Dragon center - it's exciting to know that this trip will bring in some funds for our work with the kids. We know so many families in need of support - living on boats (like the one below), or letting traffickers take their children because it's the best of all the rotten options. It can seem overwhelming, but I have no doubt that we CAN make a powerful difference if we have the resources.

I'm a long way from knowing how successful this trip will finally be, but I am greatly encouraged by the support of so many people.

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