Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Student accommodation

With the new school year starting in Vietnam, Blue Dragon's residential programs are preparing for new children who need a home in order to go to school.

In both Hanoi and Hoi An, we have homes where kids can live while they study, attend training, and start jobs. These homes are important not just as accommodation, but as social programs too. They give kids a safe place to live and grow until they don't need our help any more.

Recently a Blue Dragon staff member was traveling through a rural region and came across the makeshift huts pictured below:

He was shocked to learn that these huts were 'student accommodation' for kids who lived far from town and couldn't afford to travel each day, or to pay for room and board.

And it gets worse - not only did the kids live here, but they lived here unsupervised and unsupported. The oldest was just 16 years old; the youngest was 7.

What a powerful reminder that the Blue Dragon homes are so important... and that we need to offer our help to more children around Vietnam!

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Very helpful info, thank you for sharing this