Monday, May 09, 2011

So far...

Here's what Blue Dragon has done since we started in 2003:

To date, Blue Dragon has:
Sent 1,928 kids back to school and training
Provided accommodation to 109 girls and boys
Served 213,425 meals
Built or repaired 42 homes for families
Distributed 17,923 litres of milk
Handed out 23,454 kilos of rice
Reunited 84 runaway children with their families
Taken 733 kids to a doctor or hospital
Put 5 teens through drug rehab
Obtained legal registration papers for 557 children
Rescued 101 trafficked children
Placed 62 teens in jobs
Played 918 games of soccer

... I think we need to start planning our celebrations for the 1000th game of soccer!


Caitlin said...

And the re-uniting of the 100th child party too!

Nice work guys.

The Cape Club said...

I commend your work.. well done.. think of life without your aid.. oh my gosh! You will be rewarded