Friday, April 22, 2011

Plans, plans, plans

I have just returned to Hanoi after a few days on the road in Hue and Hoi An. It was great to visit the kids we're helping in central Vietnam, catch up with the staff, and I even squeezed in a day riding down the Ho Chi Minh trail in a jeep with Rally Indochina.

Some of it was like this....

And then other bits were like this....

Overall, it was a brilliant day!

Back in Hanoi now, we're preparing for the end of the school year, which means kids are studying for exams and some of the older teens are thinking about what to do next. University? Jobs? Training? More schooling? It's great that we can offer them so many choices.

At the risk of sound like an advertisement, I want to mention a couple of events coming up in Australia and New Zealand.

First, in Wellington there'll a book fair held on Saturday May 7. More info is to be found here, on the Blue Dragon NZ website. The organisers are looking for donations of books and CD, and are happy for people to promote the event - the more people come, the better the day will be!

And second, there'll be a dinner in Melbourne on Tuesday May 24. This is being organised by a friend who used to volunteer with us. Intrepid has donated a grand prize for the event - a 10 day trip through Vietnam!

As always, lots happening...

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