Friday, March 04, 2011

So far...

At Blue Dragon, we keep a record of all our progress and achievements from month to month - anyone who has received an email from us will have seen this.

Our March stats have just been updated... Here's what we've done so far!

To date, Blue Dragon has:
Sent 1,912 kids back to school and training
Provided accommodation to 109 girls and boys
Served 204,543 meals
Built or repaired 38 homes for families
Distributed 15,157 litres of milk
Handed out 22,514 kilos of rice
Reunited 71 runaway children with their families
Taken 709 kids to a doctor or hospital
Put 5 teens through drug rehab
Obtained legal registration papers for 551 children
Rescued 101 trafficked children
Placed 62 teens in jobs
Played 883 games of soccer!

Not bad for an organisation with such humble beginnings!


Caitlin said...

Enjoyed the interview on 2UE too. Always good to hear the offical radio station talking about 'mongrel maggot men'!!

Anonymous said...

Well done.. amazing work you've done in Hanoi.. I look forward to visitng/meeting/helping where we can when we visit in Oct - Jean Wethmar Au