Monday, March 21, 2011

I have a job!

Vinh was just a small boy when he first turned up at the Hoi An Children's Home back in 2003. His mother lived in the poorest village of the district, across the river from ancient Hoi An, and was so poor that she had no hope of supporting Vinh through school.

Mrs Diep, the director of the Home, took Vinh in; this was in the days before Blue Dragon was involved at the Home and the elderly Mrs Diep was looking after all of the kids pretty much by herself.

Throughout his schooling, Vinh stood out as being conscientious and hard working. He really wanted to make the best of his opportunity at the Home.

Blue Dragon started working at the Home in 2007, when Vinh was just finishing off his final school years. His older brother had also lived at the Home, and their mother was so appreciative that she traveled to see Mrs Diep one day to say: "This Home has saved my children." A pretty powerful statement for a mother make.

When Vinh completed Grade 12, his eyes were set firmly on university, and a wonderful sponsor named Michael from Auckland (along with a few good friends) was happy to put up the funds to support him - not only for his uni fees, but also for his living expenses. And Vinh, through sickness and through health, just kept studying away.

Vinh has just finished his degree at the Ho Chi Minh City university of Computer Technology.

Two weeks on, he's landed a job with an American company in Danang, just a half hour drive from Hoi An.

Vinh is just so excited - all his dreams have come true. All he wants to do now is share this news.

Van, a social worker at the Home who has known Vinh for some years, wrote to me over the weekend:

From the bottom of my heart, I am so happy for Vinh. I can see how much he has been trying
in his life, he has showed us that when they got a target of their life, no matter what life is
difficult with them, they will try their best to make it better and better.

Considering all the bad news on the TV lately, I thought that this was worth sharing.

Below is a picture of Vinh - hard at work!


Ain said...

congratulations to Vinh - and well done BD and Michael in NZ for the supoprt he received

Sandie McKay said...

A great story. I remember Vinh from my time at Cahor and have followed his progress since he commenced his studies. I feel like a "very proud mum" for what he has achieved and endured so much to reach his goal. Thank you Blue Dragon for being there for our kids. ..