Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Some great news this morning.

Vietnamese police have caught a trafficker who has been kidnapping girls and selling them to Chinese brothels. The article mentions 7 girls - but their investigation indicates that there are many, many more.

This is the guy who abducted the girls we rescued last March, in a joint operation with Vietnamese authorities into China. His sister, also involved, is yet to be caught, but that should happen soon.

I'm so relieved that they finally caught him!

‘VIP’ arrested for selling 7 girls to China brothels

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : Mon, February 14, 2011,4:04 PM (GMT+0700)


Dao Van Duong at police station

Photo: VnExpress

Claiming himself as a big businessman, Dao Van Duong lured 7 girls aged 17-23 to China on long holidays only to sell them to brothels there.

Hanoi police arrested Duong, 27, last Friday when he was visiting his ex-girlfriend in Lang Son northern province bordering China and planning to sell her.

Duong would introduce himself as owner of a big coffee shop in Hanoi and a businessman trading in clothes and electronic items imported from China.

In fact he is only a local porter at a border region.

A 23-year-old girl who escaped sexual slavery several days after being sold in China told Vietnamese police that she was tricked by his charisma and extravagance.

At the end of last March, Duong invited her, a then promotional girl at a bar in Hanoi, to go on a business trip with him to China to import clothes.

But he sold her shortly after.

According to police, Duong has sold around 7 young women aged 17 – 23. For each woman sold, he would receive VND100 million (US$5,000).

At present, 4 out of the 7 victims have been rescued from brothels in China.

Police are hunting down his accomplices.


Terynn said...

I have tears in my eyes, as I realize the impact of this news. Thank you, Blue Dragon. And I also say, "Thank God!".

Holly said...

yes thank you Blue Dragon! People need to know that this is REAL...surely, surely when people KNOW the truth, they cannot do NOTHING! Thank you!

Michael Brosowski said...

Thanks, Terryn and Holly. To be honest, I haven't had much good news in the past month; this more than makes up for it.

tazzmeyer said...

Fantastic....to say that this is huge seems inadequate. You work continues to amaze and inspire me. Thanks for your dedication Michael.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Really good to see that the police have followed this one up. The girls you rescued must be happy too. Definitely some welcome good news.