Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stuff for schools

Around Vietnam, Blue Dragon is helping about 1000 kids aged from 5 to 21.

Most of these kids are still students - which means we are also working with about 40 schools.

Our goal for the schools is to help them serve their students better, and one way we can do this is by providing the basic equipment that they need. This is especially important as many of the schools we work with are in very poor rural areas, and most of their students live in serious poverty.

This week, I am very happy to say that Blue Dragon is providing equipment to 8 of those schools, all in rural Bac Ninh province. Some schools need computers; some need desks and chairs; and still others need books for their students.

As a former teacher myself, I understand how important it is for schools to have good teaching resources for the benefit of all of their children. It's great to be in a position to help these schools, and I sure hope that we can help many more in 2011.

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