Monday, April 05, 2010

Moving on

Over the weekend, the kids and staff at the Hoi An Children's Home held a special celebration to farewell one of the Home's residents, 17 year old Nam.

Nam has been living at the Home for 5 years. He grew up on Cham Island, off the coast of central Vietnam, in a loving family but was faced with so many difficulties that his parents could no longer keep him in school without some substantial help.

For kids who come to the Home, although they are materially much better off, they struggle with being far from their families. So while they are fortunate to have the support of the Home, life isn't easy.

At times Nam has struggled too, but he's persevered and done pretty well for himself. He's done fine at school, he's much loved among both children and staff, and his farewell party was a touching send off. Nam will be missed.

Where's he off to? Not far, as it turns out: Nam has been accepted into a vocational training program in Hoi An called Streets. It prepares disadvantaged kids for jobs in Vietnam's burgeoning hospitality industry, and with demand for places so high, Nam really had to prove himself to earn a place.

Nam's dream is to become a great cook so that he can one day prepare a fine meal for his mother that will make her proud. Go for it, Nam - we're all proud of you already!

(In the pics below, Nam is wearing the red shirt).


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Best wishes to Nam.
Good luck for chef in future!