Monday, September 28, 2009

A day in court

People often ask me, "What jobs do the Blue Dragon kids do when they grow up?"

So far we have young adults who have gone on to work in restaurants and hotels... hairdressing... social work... electronics... motorbike repair... and small businesses (particularly shoe-making and mobile phone repair).

One of the challenges for the Blue Dragon staff is to encourage our kids to think more broadly: to find jobs that really interest them and suit their skills. Sadly, most disadvantaged youth in Vietnam think that they should simply find a job that suits their position in society - ie, poorly paid and with few prospects for the future.

So this week, the Education Coordinator, Trang, and one of our Child Rights Advocates, Hong, organised an outing to the Hanoi law court. Eight kids attended, including one who is just starting to study law at uni, and another who has just been released from a reform school!

The chief of the court took the time to show the group around and answer their myriad questions about how the court works and what jobs are available to those interested in the legal system.

Up to now, plenty of Blue Dragon kids have been on the wrong side of the law... But perhaps, in years to come, we'll have a few former Blue Dragon boys and girls sitting over on the other side of the judicial bench...

Outside the court

The whole gang

Inside the court, this is where the judge, prosecutor, and officials sit

The defendants...

... and saying thanks at the end.



tazzmeyer said...

Planting seeds is so important. Exciting!

Terynn said...

Love it. Casting vision, is what we call it in my little corner of the world.

Love it. :)