Friday, September 25, 2009

Blogging from Singapore

I have been a bad blogger - billions of things happening but not a moment to sit down and write about them!

- I am in Singapore, where one of the Blue Dragon kids has now officially started a 4 year scholarship at Chatsworth International School. He's all smiles, but exhausted - such a huge step for a boy who was once a trafficked child working on the streets of Saigon!

- Back in Hanoi, our lead Social Worker, Giang, organised a first aid workshop last weekend for parents who live on the Red River. These are desperately poor families living on rafts that are moored to the river bank - and there are myriad health risks that they deal with daily. Hopefully now they have a few new ideas about protecting themselves and each other. (That's the workshop in the photo below).

- And some big news that I'll write more about later - Hanh, one of our girls, has just been accepted into Art School. She's ecstatic. This has always been her dream. I'll put up another blog about this in coming days... it's really the most wonderful news...


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Anonymous said...

oh wow! Is Hanh the one who designs most of BD's greeting cards? Congrats my girl! It's not easy getting into art school. All the best!

Oh, and Mike, we're always hanging out waiting for your blog every day, but I'm sure everyone understands. So don't stress. we still love you! hee hee :)